Thursday, August 21, 2008

Back to the mitten


So I'm back to michigan. I miss Portland like HELL. I really really liked it there. Seattle was wonderful as well, but Portland was just so much more comfortable. Loved how they were into outdoor activities out west. My heart lies on the shores of the Pacific. Sigh.

p.s. notice the gorgeous city horizon in the background. the shoreline of skyscrapers was breathtaking.

Anyway, the place was spectacular & now I'm back. Piss. They did have some awesome graffiti & painted street signs though! Here's a taste:

Now back to sweet shit all over. Here's some new stuff dug up from the fellas at Wooster.

This is some cool stuff by JR in Rio where he incorporated eyes overlooking from the hills. Creepy but enticing at the same time. Wouldn't it freak you out to live at the bottom & look up at eyes watching you one night? Freaky. Love the clothes drying in front of the one eyeball.

Here's a new way to intervene with cameras taking over. This is just hilarious.

Oh, and I just found out from motionographer a sweet-ass illustrator by the name of David Klein. Makes me depressed I can't draw. Anymore...sad. His stuff is beautiful and a hint of victorian (well, at least this one in particular...)

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