Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Inspiring to get back into stop animation...

Perhaps a follow-up to Blu's work over last summer, this work by street artist duo Sam3 & Limow is simply brilliant (and very fun!). I like his arms struggling with the widths of the doors, like they're closing in on him.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Get ready to shit bricks....

More SWOON! She's ballsy...doing it all out in the open like that? Dang! Oh, and double your pleasure: the video is produced by W+K of (yep, if you haven't already guessed it) Portland.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laura Normandin

Artist who created the cover for Sufijan Steven's "Michigan" album. I found her through a blog of a blog, beautiful work. Figures she works for Martha Stewart magazine, her work is disciplined and precise, yet whimsical (sorry, I hate that word, but I had to use it) and playful.
New obsession.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

3 Artists you should know.

Lately I've been wanting a small video camera to play around with and do some editing. My nephew just received a Flip camera, so I decided to check out their site. While I discovered my Canon camera has about the same resolution as these things, I decided against one. However, while browsing on the Flip Camera's website I made a discovery of a pretty neat artist....

Her name is Beth Weintraub. Extremely soft & feminine, Beth works with etchings on metal & paper. You can see her Flip camera designs here, you can also see more fine art pieces on her personal website.

Your best bet of checking out her work is to google her name, there's more work there under google images it seems than on her personal site.

Aren't these just the neatest tights you've ever seen? They're by a group in France, I believe tied to the M+O Studio of Spain, which does amazing architectural design and urban planning. These tights are all hand printed (makes me want to screenprint tights myself) and come in a lot of humorous designs. Too bad they're only available abroad...
Here's their limited edition monster designs, you can see more on their site.

If you are familiar with Upper Playground, you no doubt know Jeremy Fish's work. Upper Playground is an online store (with a couple locations out west) that showcases designs by graffiti and other underground artists. I love Jeremy's San Francisco designs, just spotted these two animal shirts revealing what goes into the belly of these beasts. Check out his stuff at Upper Playground's site.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Street-art stop animation

Just what is it about street art & stop animation that blows my mind??? I'm glad they're both becoming more mainstream, so that we can be exposed to more stellar work like this!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Way to kill time.

That's not a little lost boy you're looking at, that's me in a police sketch-up! Well, sort of. I discovered this site that lets you choose from a couple options for face, eyes, etc. etc. and lets you make your own custom police criminal sketch-up. Here's the one I made for me, not all that great but the best I could do. At least nobody will catch me.

Click on my face to make one of your neighbor that makes too much noise in the morning.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thanks, Martha!

Found out abut this company called Adelphi Paper Hangings via Martha Stewart! Click on the picture above to see more of their work. They block-print all of their wallpapers by hand, just like how they used to be made. Beautiful samples (even though the site is kinda fugly).

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Misc. inspiring things.

I absolutely love how Swoon incorporates colorful textures into this piece, wish I could've afforded one when the print versions were on sale online.

Wonder if this chair is actually functional...

Work by ROA in London

Love how this is next to a bunch of parked cars.
I'd definitely do this! But I hear that tongue & lip tattoos fade quickly, or bleed (smear, not actual blood) very very fast.

Following this new blog lately, click on the photo to check out her gorgeous portfolio.

Describes my cooking for Jack perfectly.
Awesome veggie least that's what I think it's for?

My old roommate Michaela would LOVE this!

Adore this logo, it's so eye-popping and bright, perfect!
Saw some of these cool scrolls & other sorts of designs on Martha Stewart, You glue them to the front of carts. Another thing to add to the list of things to try out.

This is just the best idea ever. They're little cards that tell you what books are due back to the library & when, you can buy them from an artist on etsy. Sweet.

Fudge Factory Heroes :)

Just plain awesome!