Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I've known about this street artist for awhile, but I never really checked out his site.


New discoveries via welovetypography.com

The pillows are soooo ridiculous!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

more of stuff out there in the world

So there's this motion piece I just came across. The type is nice, but I like the still frames rather than the animated portions. It's just....so many people illustrate music with type and it'd done over and over you really have to do something unusual for it to work anymore. I've been looking at other student reels, and I have to say so many have the same assignment of illustration their favorite piece of music & whatnot. A lot all look the same. Not saying my reel is perfect, but I'm slowly accepting that it is a bit different. I guess I do more story-telling than most. This could be good or bad.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

F u c k L i f e

WK rejected me. Game Over.

I wish I could only be as happy as this:

Swoon on Paper Monster

Ugh, Swoon is selling all this work of hers for her "Floating Cities" project. I want to join them soooo bad, but even more I want to buy one of her prints!
This one is absolutely beautiful. Out of my price range, though...(a fat $700!)

Midwest Blows

Dear god, this song is making me sink.
I love you Joni but you're tearing my heart out.
Still distraught over being stuck in michigan....

Although I was supposed to know awhile ago about WK12, still no answer....I'm guessing they are ignoring my emails because I didn't get in. I'm pretty crushed.

For the past few years I've wanted to live out west. God dammit.
Damn Damn Damn Damn!!! I just want to meet other cool creative people and work together and make awesome shit!! I know if i was only just given a chance I'd exceed anyone's expectations...why haven't I been given a chance!
I guess the only thing to do (besides slipping into depression & insomnia) is to work work work work.
And that's what I'll do. Until someone can validate my self worth and hire me or collaborate with me.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hell, if Jack & I do spend some time in Lithuania ever like we want to, I just found a SWEET motion graphics/design place! Maybe I could intern there...oooo...

Body & Street Art United...as they should be.

What an awesome project. This guy is donating his body to street art tattoo!
I wish I would've thought of this first, very jealous indeed.

Reel 2009 from Emily on Vimeo.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brasil Brasil Brasil Brasil....

I love their work in the land of Brasil. This is a trip I must make like Mecca.
Bruno 9Li is phenomenal.

Still waiting to hear back from WK12, god I will piss my pants if I get in. Imagining the creative energy excites me. Just being able to work with other creative people gets me excited to breathe air. Oh, to be part of a team is what I want. Put me in the zoo.

Also, looks like Iowa legalized gay marriage. And California just banned it. Can anyone explain what the fuck happened here???
My world is upside-down.