Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Midwest Blows

Dear god, this song is making me sink.
I love you Joni but you're tearing my heart out.
Still distraught over being stuck in michigan....

Although I was supposed to know awhile ago about WK12, still no answer....I'm guessing they are ignoring my emails because I didn't get in. I'm pretty crushed.

For the past few years I've wanted to live out west. God dammit.
Damn Damn Damn Damn!!! I just want to meet other cool creative people and work together and make awesome shit!! I know if i was only just given a chance I'd exceed anyone's expectations...why haven't I been given a chance!
I guess the only thing to do (besides slipping into depression & insomnia) is to work work work work.
And that's what I'll do. Until someone can validate my self worth and hire me or collaborate with me.

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